30 November 2020

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K” where our heroes Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan are about to embark on an excellent adventure throughout history. These two heroes must pass their history presentation and get the babes before time runs out. These unlikely heroes begin the story in San Dimas, California, but before long, Bill and Ted venture into their time-traveling phone booth. The film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure follows the hero’s journey.

Hero’s Journey is a story arch that is present throughout many mythologies and superhero stories. Typically these journeys start…

04 December 2020

Achilles gives a speech in the Iliad, book nine, about how he chose to remain fighting and die with honor, rather than go home and his “name will die”. This sentiment goes along with what many of the Greeks believed to be a great honor or kleos. Kleos was the way great warriors would be remembered after their life ended. This was especially important for the Greeks because they did not have an afterlife in their culture. If stories were told about a warrior’s great trials, successes, and bravery, their name would live on forever. …

28 October 2020

The succession crisis started with Gaia and Ouranos, Ouranous feared that his children would succeed him and overthrow him. This was the start of the succession crisis. This continued with Kronos and his fear of his children doing the same thing he did to his father, so as a result, after each of his children were born, he swallowed them. Zeus was able to escape the same fate as his siblings and once he was fully grown, he came back, rescued his siblings, and put an end to his father’s reign.

Zeus ran into the same problem…

24 July 2020

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Black Mirror is the Twilight Zone for the modern world. The show examines aspects of current life and its connections to technology. Each episode tackles a different aspect of technology and the grim consequences it has on our lives. A 2016 episode titled “San Junipero”, directed by Owen Harris, presents two women and their experiences in a simulated reality.

One woman, Yorkie, is quick to accept that everything in the simulated world is real. However, the other woman, Kelly, is not as quick to believe. The episode begs the question, what does a virtual world need to…

22 August 2020

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Communication between people happens in more ways than just through talking. Communication involves people exchanging symbols that have a shared meaning, receive feedback, and are shared through various channels (Mullin, 2020a). This includes the use of verbal and nonverbal aspects. In the show Young Sheldon, season 3, episode 13, titled “Contracts, Rules and a Little Bit of Pig Brains”, there are a number of different interactions between characters.

In one scene, the family is at Missy’s baseball game. Sheldon has no interest in the game. He’s reading a book, surrounded by yelling and clapping families of the…

03 September 2020

Advertisers use many tactics to convince consumers to buy products or pay for services. Some companies try to get you to buy their product by giving statistics about their product or testimonies from professionals, like toothpaste ads that say “9 out of 10 dentists recommend”. Other advertisers try to convince you to buy their product by appealing to you on an emotional level. They might use humor to give you a good feeling about their product, or they may try to build upon the viewer’s patriotic feelings.

One Burger King advertisement from April of 2020, uses a…

02 November 2020

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The idea of hubris is a very popular theme among Greek mythological works. Oftentimes, people believe that they are better than the gods, which leads to their destruction or demise. In many Greek myths, there is a consistent relationship between the gods and mortals. Where the gods are at the top of the “food chain” and humans are very close to the bottom. Humans need to know their place in the world. They can’t go around telling people they are better than the gods. This will usually end badly for the human. An example of this is…

02 November 2020

Starting with the myth of Pandora, women were shown to be inferior to men. The myth of Pandora explains the creation of the first mortal woman, Pandora. She was created to punish men. The gods created her as a response to Prometheus tricking Zeus and stealing fire from Olympus. Hephestos made her body, Athena taught her weaving, and Aphrodite gave her grace (Hestoid lines 60–69). They gave Pandora a jar to never open. Curious as to what was inside, Pandora opened the jar, releasing pain, suffering, and plague into the world. …

02 December 2020

The Homeric hymn to Demeter gives yet another example of the gods meddling with mortals’ lives. Demeter, without the knowledge or consent of the mother, Queen Metaneria, attempts to turn Demophon into a god. Because his mother did not know what Demeter (in disguise as a nurse) was doing, she assumed the nurse she hired was trying to kill her precious son. Demeter had the audacity to be angry at the mother for not letting her complete the ritual of turning Demophon into a god. This is an example of the gods not caring about the lives…

A fictional Story

02 December 2019

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“Go, go, go” a protester screamed as they loaded up a make-shift slingshot with another molotov cocktail to be fired at the police.

“Ollin, we need to leave” I heard my mother’s soft yet anxious voice say as she tapped me on the shoulder. We have been trapped inside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for three days, the police have slowly been closing in on us. …

Riley lopez

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