Riley lopez

Dec 27, 2020

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Funerals are Stupid

16 March 2019

Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

The concept of last words is as stupid as the whole funeral process. Funerals are how people grieve which is why it is so tragic that the American funeral industry unnecessarily exploits that grief for profit. For example, the expensive and useless process of embalming was popularized during the civil war.

After Lincoln was assassinated, the government paraded his corpse across the country in order to showcase “the heroes sacrifice”, but that’s not what the people took away from it. People instead thought about how good Lincoln looked after being dead for weeks, and believed that anyone who was popular or had money was embalmed. For those not going on tour after their death, embalming is completely pointless. Why would one need to be preserved right before they are buried in the ground, isn’t the whole point to decompose? Funeral homes will claim that embalming gives dignity to the deceased, and it’s respectful.

There is nothing respectful about embalming. First, the jaw is wired shut, the eyes are sealed with glue. Then the internal organs are punctured and drained through a hole in the abdomen. After that, they pump the arteries full of formaldehyde and stuff the internal cavities with cotton. The entire process is a pointless, waste of time, because even though funeral directors tell their vulnerable, grieving customers: “embalming is necessary if you want an open casket.” and: “it keeps the body safe and sanitary”, none of it is true. Refrigeration is cheaper and just as effective as embalming and the World Health Organization states that dead bodies pose nearly no health risks to the living. It’s completely safe to touch them. Which is ironic because formaldehyde isn’t safe. The only reason people still embalm is solely because funeral directors charge a lot of money to do it.

Caskets are even worse. Caskets are one of the most expensive things one will ever buy. Funeral homes can charge upward to 10 thousand dollars for a single coffin. A person might as well be buried with 10 thousand dollars in cash.